Your DX Partner
Creating a system that eliminates the superfluous from our world
We are a group that goes beyond traditional consulting and specializes in revolutionizing existing businesses through digital transformation (DX).
Planning and Execution
We will help you create a new arrangement without being bound by old customs or concepts.
Each company has its own method of changing direction, but recently, technology is a common moving force amongst all companies.

We are helping to build the next generation of businesses by incorporating technology in a way that best fits each company. Allow us to handle everything from strategy planning to business support for your continuing business.
service Services
We will draw a digital strategy to improve your businessand support you until you meet your goals.
Companies that succeed in transforming their business with DX have two things in common: they are able to establish an appropriate digital strategy that does not clash with their existing business and they have an organization that can reliably execute that strategy.

Despite being a specialized DX group, we have a large number of consultants who have experience in operating companies. Therefore, we do not just propose strategies. Occasionally, we create operational flows and provide management support in order to execute digital strategies, and may even develop and operate new businesses if necessary.

Our unique style supports the transformation of companies by providing a one-stop service from strategy planning to execution support.
セミナー Seminars
We hold regular seminars on a wide range of themes, from cutting-edge technologies such as AI and IoT to global corporate initiatives and trends related to digital transformation (DX) and logistics.

In addition, we accept requests for corporate training and lectures on individual themes.
企業情報 Company Information
Many of our consultants have experience working in other companies and aim to be practical consultants rather than theoretical ones.

The knowledge we gain from fields in large-scale logistics, online sales, and digital marketing is fed back to individual clients in order to support sales growth and lower costs. We also provide bilingual support for foreign-affiliated companies.
採用 Careers
We recommend a new work-lifestyle balance regardless of employment type or place of work.

Rather than relying on conventional employment styles, we believe that it is necessary to provide a work style that suits each individual's situation in order to bring out their best performance.
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